Kids and Broken Glass Go Hand in Hand

The kids in my neighborhood can sometimes be a nuisance. I don’t want to be a grumpy old man who tells kids that they shouldn’t play around my house, but I have to, because if I don’t, they’ll break something. They’ve already broken two things on my property. Once they were playing baseball and broke one of my flower pots. They were playing baseball again another time and sent a ball that went through my bathroom window and right into my shower door, causing it to break. Searching for companies to replace shower doors in Morris County NJ wasn’t my idea of a fun afternoon.

When I saw what the kids had done, I was furious. I ran outside and asked them which one of the kids hit the ball through my window, and none of them would talk. I was a kid once and I know how much kids like to avoid snitching on themselves and their friends, so I went to their parents instead. I told all of their parents what happened and their parents got mad too. Eventually the parents were able to figure out which one of the kids hit the ball into my window and they volunteered to pay for the damages to it and my shower door.

Eventually I picked a company to replace the shower door, and they were also able to give me a window replacement as well. Now the neighborhood kids stay far away from my home when they play baseball. The parents of the boy who broke my window made him write an apology letter to me. I wrote him a letter back telling him to work on his swing. Despite ruining my window, I think he might actually have a future in baseball if he can hit the ball out of the park.