Smaller Glass Company is Meeting the Unique Requests of NYC’s Most Creative Minds

New York City is home to a large population of people with increasingly diverse and bold personalities. A bold and unique personality most always accompanies a mind with a fetish for creativity. It’s easy to dream up remodeling plans that include an elegant frameless shower, complete with double swinging doors made of extremely high quality glass that is so clear, it’s transparency invites you to reach out and touch it to make sure it’s really there. E xcept, who can really be expected to provide such a level of personalized service when it comes to shower doors in Queens NY And for the team that owns and operates Queens County Shower Doors, it’s just as easy to make that dream into a fully customized reality.

There’s endless options for the long list of details that entail a custom glass or mirror project, and that makes sense lot of people start to feel overwhelmed and even confused. The guys from Queens County Shower Doors know their stuff so they have no trouble walking their customers through the whole process, start to finish, and making excellent recommendations along the way. These guys are experts, and their work speaks for itself.

As well as projects that start from the ground up, this company also specializes in repairing the custom glass work of others, custom made mirrors, refinishing or repairing antique mirrors, custom glass work for commercial and retail buildings, and creatively crafted glass shelving or glass tabletops for residential units. The team is rightfully prideful in each job they have completed, so when they say, “The sky’s the limit!”, they actually mean it!

This company stands behind their work and their word 100%, which can be tricky for smaller companies that have bigger risks. Queens County Shower Doors is a really popular choice for glass fabrication and repair in NYC, not only because their work exceeds the unique demands of their clients, but also because they are so confident in their craftsmanship that they require no money down when starting a project. Many clients feel as if they were part of the team by the end of completion due to their level of involvement in planning and decision making, which doesn’t hurt to gain popularity votes.