I Got Locked out on the Weekend

I was not sure where to turn when I found myself locked out of my house early in the morning hours. My wife was not due home for another two days from an overseas trip to visit her sister who had just had a baby, and no one else had a key to our house. I had left mine at the office, and I would not be able to get back in there until the weekend was over. I decided to look at locksmiths in Brisbane rather than spend money on a hotel for two days because it would be cheaper in the long run.

I had my mobile phone with me, so I was able to look up locksmiths in the area. I had never needed one before, so I had to go on blind faith that I would be able to get one to come out in the early morning hours. I figured that if I could not find one to come out, or if it would cost more money than I expected, then I could fall back on the hotel idea. Continue reading